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Square in a Square

The Square in a Square block is a useful block for displaying novelty print fabric, as a fill in block between other blocks, as corner stones in borders and sashing or in a quilt on their own. For this method you will cut 2 squares to make 2 Square in a Square blocks.While I make every effort to be sure of accuracy, I am unable to test every variation. Before you cut up large amounts of fabric, cut and sew a test block or two. If you find any errors, please email me at "jeannethro2 at yahoo dot com".

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When changing methods or fabric widths, check other settings for changes in available options.

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Finished Size:
Square in a Square block Square in a Square block Square in a Square block
Square in a Square block Square in a Square block Square in a Square block


Fabric 1 Fabric 1:
Cut 3 - 71/4 inch squares.
Fabric 2 Fabric 2:
Cut 3 - 71/4 inch squares.


Foundation Template instructions

  • At the end of this pattern is a template for the size block selected in the settings. Print the template at 100% for proper sizing. Cut out template ADDING ¼ inch seam allowance on all sides.
  • To make your own foundation template for blocks larger than available to print on a printer, cut out a square foundation 1¼ inches larger than the finished block size you want.
  • Draw another square on foundation ¼ inch smaller on all 4 sides.
  • Draw another square on point within the smaller square previously drawn. You can fold template in quarters to find side centers to draw middle triangle.

Cutting instructions

Using a foundation for the square in a square block is going to be different than foundation paper piecing. You will cut the pieces using the foundation and piece block traditionally.
  • Place the squares, or as many squares as you think you can reasonably cut at once in a stack all lined up square.
  • Lay foundation on top of squares right side up.
  • Cut square stack on inside square lines only.
  • The small corners can be thrown out.
  • Now you can choose which fabrics to for each block or simply remove the top center square on the stack and put it on the bottom to mix up quickly.
Square in a Square

Square in a Square instructions

  • Align 2 triangle long edges each to 2 opposite sides of square, centered.
  • Sew on long triangle edge with a ¼ inch seam.
  • Press seams toward triangles.
  • Align 2 more triangle long edges each to 2 remaining sides of ssquare, centered.
  • Sew each triangle with a ¼ inch seam.
  • Press seams toward triangles.

Quilt Sandwich instructions

  • Place pressed backing right side down on a flat surface large enough to lay flat; tape in place at sides, then corners.
  • Lay batting on top of backing and smooth wrinkles; tape in place at sides, then corners. (If using slippery batting, spray baste to baking and top.)
  • Put pressed quilt on top right side up.
  • Smooth borders and blocks square, pushing excess toward middle. Quilting will take up slack and quilt will hang better.
  • Pin baste 3 to 4 inches apart in quarters down length and width. Finish pin basting each quarter 3 to 4 inches apart.

Binding instructions

  • If the number of binding strips are greater than 1, sew strips together by laying ends right sides together forming an L.
  • Sew on diagonal where fabrics cross from upper left to lower right.
  • Trim excess to ¼ inch.
  • Repeat to make a continuous strip; press seams open.
  • Fold and press strip lengthwise in half wrong sides together.
  • Leaving a 5 inch tail, sew binding to quilt top matching raw edges with a ¼ inch seam.
  • Stop ¼ inch before corner with needle down.
  • Pivot work as if to sew next side and reverse sew off quilt top.
  • Fold binding back, creating a 45 degree fold, then fold forward matching fold to previously sewn side.
  • Continue sewing binding, and repeat above for each corner.
  • Stop sewing approximately 5 inches from beginning.
  • Unfold and overlap ends.
  • Cut at an approximate 45 degree angle somewhere where both ends overlap.
  • Match ends wrong sides together, leaving equal dog ears.
  • Sew together with a ¼ inch seam.
  • Refold binding and finish sewing to quilt.
  • Fold binding to back and handstitch to finish using a blind stitch.


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